Android Team Members Share Their Favorite Things

Here’s ten videos you can watch that have the team behind Android talking about their favorite things that Android can do.  These are the true Android Guys and it’s fun to see geeks getting geeked over their work.  These are only around a minute or so each, so check ’em all out!

  1. Fast Scroll
  2. Home Screen Customization
  3. Browser Tricks
  4. Home Screen Shortcuts
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts
  6. Calendar
  7. Contacts
  8. Media in the Browser
  9. Reader and Photos
  10. Copy & Paste!

Your turn… what are some of the most exciting things to you, the everyday user?

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  1. lol @ choppy scrolling, but I think thats nothing more then an update issue. Even iPhone users had to deal with the scroll and wait issue which I hated. Not sure if they fixed it yet. And who knows maybe someone is making a firefox for android! woot!

  2. Enough with the “it could be fixed with a free update!” automated answer. Android 1.0 scrolling is a lot choppier than iPhone 1.0 scroling. And no 3.5 jack?!??!

  3. We could sit here all day a nit pick at every single thing that’s wrong with Android, but lets face it, it’s an open source system that will allow us to do whatever we want. The think I’m most excited about is the App Market and adding a tone of new features to the phone.

  4. In my Opinion I have a wish list of things I wish were different (or improved) on the G1….

    1) The first thing that bothers me comes from T-mobile….. 1 Gb max on their 3G network vs At&ts 5 Gb max on theirs, this makes a bigger difference since this is a internet based phone in which their will be lots of downloads, you tube viewing, song downloads, games, pictures, etc.

    2) Because of 1 Gb max on the web per month this makes tethering almost laughable.

    3) The screen looks nice but it could have been slightly bigger (HTC is putting out the HTC HD with a 3.8″ screen and the iphone has a 3.5″ screen compared to the G1’s 3.2″ )

    4) Is it just me or is there no Accelerometer? Looks like they didn’t include this feature that rotates the screen based on the phones position.

    5) Also I saw a video of the G1 and the iphone side by side viewing the exact same web page and it looks like the G1 response was slower and choppier! Isn’t the G1’s whole purpose to be a web browsing power house?

    6) Just My taste but it looks like the HTC G1 is a little to thick for my taste…

    7) The strange “chin” that i was hoping to be only part of the prototype made it to the final build…..MISTAKE.

    How come storage space is 1 Gb out of the box with a 8 Gb limit……. I can’t put all my music, movies, pictures on
    just 8 Gbs! I was hoping for 16-32 Gb

    9) The key pad looks a little small for me….

    10) They droped the ball when it came to no regular headphone jack 3.5mm instead you have to use their proprietary jack…mistake as well

    Overall it seems like an amazing OS with alot of potential but the hardware (HTC) and the carrier (T-mobile) are the ones to blame for most of these short falls…..really a shame, i’ve been waiting for this phone for 6 months now! Google is the Hero of the day for the fantastic job they did with Android. But I’m starting to think that I should just wait for something else with another provider :(

  5. accelerometer is there…. Google have not made any use of it. Accelerometer API is there is android SDK. Developer can make use of it. E.g. There is no video player in android 1.0. You have to download video players from Market. There is one video player where the developer has made use of accelerometer in it, so that screen turns to landscape automatically when you rotate the device.

    Acceptance of 16gb cards in future software updates to android, so is A2DP.

    As of now android is only just bones.. there is a lot of work to be done by developers which will take some time. Android can start competing with other OS only when these missing pieces are fixed.

    As for hardware design, i think HTC had just no say in this project. They just blindly followed what was told to them by Google & T-Mobile. Expect them to come out with their dedicated android phone in near future.

    One serious concern of mine is the touch sensitivity of the screen…. It is no where near iPhone’s smoothness. Whether it is a software issue or hardware, i don’t care. This should be addressed very quickly by Google. This feature for me makes/breaks a device.

    I’m pretty disappointed with this device. But look to the positive side of it…. It is finally released. If consumer wants any features, developers can address that issue.. we don’t have to beg any corporate giants for updates.

    As for T-Mobile issues, i can’t comment (am not from US). In Asia, android phones will be released unlocked i’m sure ….so no carrier issues for us.

    It can only get better from here. I’ll give this one skip & wait for a device (preferably HTC) that has a fully mature android on it.