Android Working on HTC Touch Cruise

Google’s Android is not set to launch for quite some time still, but it seems that the hard workers over at xda-developers didn’t get the memo. The collaboration on the forum has been able to produce a “working” version of Google’s Android on the HTC Touch Cruise. The term “working” should not be over emphasized though. It seems that they are able to install and boot Android, add contacts, and some have been able to make and receive a call or two. Unfortunately, simple tasks like sending an sms are still impossible and disconnecting from a call is a hassle since Android does not recognize the touch screen while in a call. So is this progress for Android? Absolutely!

Keep in mind that the people who have been able to pull this off are not working directly with Google or any phone manufacturers. They are simply hobbyists, poking around with Android, working on hardware that was designed for windows mobile. This shows how dynamic Android is and the potential that it has as an open source OS.

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  1. Android is working on the HTC Vogue now too (HTC Touch, HTC Elf, VM6900, whatever name you want to call it).

    A site has been started to track its development and includes an easy cab installer, windows installer and notes.

    Phone works, browser works, SMS works, theres an on screen keyboard and calls work (with end button working).

    Check it out at

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