AndroidGuys and Mobihand Team up for Branded Software Store

What do Crackberry, GSMArena, Brighthand and AndroidGuys have in common?  Starting next week, they’ll all offer software through their own branded stores, courtesy of Mobihand.  That’s right!  We’re incredibly proud to let you know that we’ll have an official AndroidGuys store!

We’ve had some really great things happen to us over the last year. As a site that started out with a few guys blogging about Android and the Open Handset Alliance, we’ve made tremendous strides. We’re happy to announce that AndroidGuys will be able to offer yet even more that benefits both fans and developers alike.

Teaming up with Mobihand, we’ll be able to bring you not only the best Android news and opinion, but also software and accessories as well!  Part of our plan when we started out was to ultimately bring our own personal reviews of software.  Thanks to Mobihand, we’ll be able to direct you to our own branded store for downloads and purchases. We’ve been building momentum for nearly a year and this will put us into a whole different realm.

If you are not familiar with Mobihand, they offer software for all the major players including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

So dig in and get ready!  This past year has been a prologue.  Next week starts Chapter 1 for AndroidGuys!

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  1. A forum is a must. Seconded.

    If you have your own developers team now, then u should also have an outlet for readers ideas, given free of charge :)

  2. Maybe I’m missing something but I really don’t see the point in having a bunch of online app stores when android market is right on the phone.

  3. That’s the beauty of Android. You have plenty of options to distribute your applications. Conversely, Apple has a one way road.

    The best thing a developer can do is to get their name out there in as many places as possible. We’ll also have our own reviews, with our opinions… which might not be the same as what others have.

    Same situation for Windows Mobile. There are scores of places to go, but people grow fond of their own avenues.

  4. If the various stores can maintain a level of security, one of the best things about it is that the more obscure ideas for applications will have a means of reaching end users. Android Market will probably insist on various criteria being met when it comes to content, never mind quality.

    For example – an application that involves a large database such as the dietary app idea detailed elsewhere on this site, would most likely require an already existing and complete database of information before Android Market would even look at it. An enthusiasts’ site (perhaps for want of a better phrase) would be more open to the idea of such an application that can be added to by the end users.

  5. Congrats to Android Guys on an awesome past year. I’m sure you guys would do great with a forum as well, but if you choose not to go down that route, we’ve got 1,000+ members at who would be glad to see AndroidGuys visitors join the site.

    Keep up the great work guys. You’re at the top of my RSS Feed list!

  6. Hi Scott,

    Congrats! Sorry I missed out on this thing. Last week was really busy and guess lost out on many articles from the site. And now as i was skimming through the things that I’ve missed I find this one. Wow! that’s really Fantastic. I think you guys are up to something fantastic in the coming days and proud to be part of such l33t guys.

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