An Android Pep Talk

After its futile bidding attempts for Yahoo and being shunned, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer reveals that they are not interested in the Yahoo deal anymore, but might look to form a strategic partnership with them on the search front.

This comes after a day when Ballmer was shooting blank shots at Android. I can’t see why Microsoft doesn’t feel threatened by the evolution of Android with most of the carriers and handsets announcing their full-fledged plans on the new “open source” platform.  With just a year since its debut on the international scene, and only a month into its official launch, Android is sending shudders down the other mobile OS vendors. RIM is also in plans to try and tweak with its arsenal. Nokia, the worlds largest handset maker is trying to re-define its brand value with increasing pressure mounting on it and is trying to open up its own app store kinda thing, tagged with its own pinch.

Microsoft is far behind on the mobile front when compared to Apple which in fact entered the market after MS. This has been weighing down on Microsoft for quite some time now, and with the release of Android it fears developers might flock to a platform, which is being vowed to be a developers paradise. Android is destined to have everything, the support, the following and everything. With Microsoft trying to woo the developers, at least a handful opine they are late to the party. First, it was Apple which struck the balance with the developers implementing things that they thought was reasonable and then the NDA was realized resulting in a few boos against them.

Enter Android, that took the mobile world by storm. Can there be a bigger reason than that it was carrying the brand of Google behind it?  Ballmer spoke about the business model of Google the other day and there can’t be a more fitting answer than Scott’s article. Mr. Ballmer, it’s not always about dollars, luckily enough there are guys whose current of thought belongs to a different echelon than that of the guys at Redmond, who tend to be satiating to their new name of the two-tongued giant.

Guess its time Microsoft spent more time remodeling its own business model, which seems far from perfect. Its desktop OS is pretty assiduously miring itself under the ranks of the open source OS which are proliferating. Its mobile OS? Oh! They fear Android, which is not yet in to the first month since its release. The browser’s front is on the decline mode too. Craig Mundie, not long ago denounced Cloud Computing, saying personal computing is the future. Windows Azure (Windows Cloud) appears at the PDC. Just no idea what the developers had to meddle with the whole data on the data centers. Its the case with most of the boffins out there. Microsoft, is finding it self in a quagmire, self-doubting their own business model and trying to lurch in to every direction they can.

Its time Microsoft tried to zero in on what exactly it wants to pull it self into. Else the din ain’t going to carry it nowhere.

As far as Google is concerned the first decade saw it rule the Internet market with its search, and now it’s Android, the torch-bearer to Google’s foray in to the mobile industry.

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  1. This article makes no sense whatsoever and is just filled with blind fanboy gibberish, put the fanboy thoughts aside and be realistic here. Android in its current form is a threat to no one but itself, until certain things are fixed and the OS finds its way in more hardware and the Carriers are not rejecting it then you can say its a threat. All these blind shots at Microsoft are getting boring because it’s nothing new, just the same old crap.

    Maybe I can see things differently because I’m loyal to no company or OS

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