The Man

The NY Times has a great little interview with Google VP Andy Rubin where he talks about Android’s future among other things.  When asked his thoughts on the recent Steve Jobs comments about Android offering porn, Andy says he doesn’t quite get where Jobs was coming from.  “I don’t really have a rationale for that,” he said. “It’s a different style of interacting with the public and the media.”

Rubin believes that Android will overtake iPhone in terms of handsets sold although he didn’t specify as to when.  “I don’t know when its might be, but I’m confident it will happen. Open usually wins.”  The NY Times wondered whether or not the typical customer cares about open versus closed and if it really matters in the end.  Rubin believes consumers will, adding, “When they can’t have something, people do care. Look at the way politics work. I just don’t want to live in North Korea.”


The rest of the interview touches on Chrome and Android tablets, how Android addresses API’s, and Flash coming to the next release of Android.  Flash and Froyo can now be officially mentioned in the same breath.

So how would the head Android himself handle a lost protoype?

“I’d be happy if that happened and someone wrote about it.  With openness comes less secrets.”

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