Andy Rubin Talks Future of Mobile

News and Rumors Andy Rubin Talks Future of Mobile

Andy Rubin stopped by the Official Google Blog the other day to discuss the future of mobile.  Where will it be and how will it help us? It’s a great read – short and very optimistic!  What kind of things does Andy see for us in the next few years?

Be it everyday things like traffic, sports or weather or more specific things like where to go for the best prices on fish, Andy sees the future. I’d love to spend a half hour with the guy and just pick his brain. What has he already seen and just what does he have in store for the mobile world? It’s obvious that the guy has “big picture” in mind when it comes to everything he does. I’m not the first person who has to think he belongs on the same list as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

…it will be easy for developers to create or improve applications and content… Let’s say you have a piece of software on your phone to improve power management (and therefore battery life)… The update gets automatically installed on your phone, without you lifting a finger. Your phone actually gets better over time.

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