Answering your Android questions (11/02/11)

Here’s your weekly dose of Android questions which are asked by users just like you, and answered by people just like you.  Available over at the Android section of Stack Exchange, we’ve pulled five questions that we think you would be interested in checking out.  Some of these already have answers whereas others might need your help.  Read on to see if these are the types of issues you’ve run into and to see how you would address them!

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Should apps take up any internal storage when installed to SD?

I’m running very low on interal phone memory storage – I’m down to 5 MB of the 180 MB available. I understand that not all apps can be installed into SD card, and those will instead use up my internal storage. Luckily, those are rare.  However, I recently installed an app that is listed as being installed on the SD card, not internal storage. Even so, after installing it I’m now getting the “low on space” warning… (read more)

Keeping Android quiet at night

I’d like my Android device to keep quiet during the night, no alerts for mails and talk messages, only calls and of course, the wake-up alarm. How can I do it? (read more)

How can I clear the cache of the Android Facebook app?

My phone (T-Mobile Pulse/Huawei U8220 with Android 1.5) doesn’t have much on board space, so I quite often run into the low disk space warning. Looking through the list of apps, I see the facebook app has about 2.5 MB of user data. I suspect most of this is a photo album I looked at recently. But I can’t seem to find any option to clear that cache … (read more)

Android Contacts lost but seen in Message app

I rooted my Nexus S and re-installed a stock ROM. I had my contacts on my SIM card before starting to use my Nexus and I never bothered to sync those contacts to Google. After rooting I don’t see my contacts anymore (even in the import contacts screen). However when I try to open the messaging app and type something in the “To” list, auto suggest starts suggesting some of the old contacts.

As part of rooting, I deleted all of my data.  How is it possible that message app is able to fetch my old contacts but I am not able to see them? (read more)

Is it possible to continue upgrading an Android device if the OEM stops supporting it?

Suppose the OEM loses interest in my device; can I still install the stock distro updates when issued by Google? Are there issues with device drivers if I go this route? (read more)

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