AOL Jumps on the Android Bandwagon with Two Apps

In an attempt to broaden their Android portfolio, AOL  another two new apps to the Android Market. The first is simply called AOL, and is a portal to several of their services listed in the pic to the left.  Each item leads to a mobile optimized site to use on your Android handset.  I applaud AOL for this move, since more and more browsing is going to be done on mobile size screens, so it is about time that they decided to get on board with making their sites phone friendly.

The second app is called DailyFinance, and it is exactly what the title says, an app to track what is going on in the world of money.  If this is your thing, then more power to you when you use this app.

There is nothing in either app we have not seen before, but if you are an extensive user of any of the services they are offering with these apps, it will be nice to have a portal to draw them together into one UI.

What it signals to me is that someone over at AOL is actually thinking in the right direction, understanding that the future of computing is on the mobile platform. It’s good to see a company like AOL start understanding that fact.