App of the Day: FreshFeed

It is scary to think about how much Facebook probably knows about us. From the kind restaurant that we like to eat at, to the type of clothing we wearing. Now, you might be thinking “Juan, you super awesome person you, you are crazy!” While I do agree I can, at times, be super awesome, stop and think for a minute. Most of us have usually liked a store brand here and there, checked into restaurants when we arrive on Facebook, and so on. We are going to only like pages that interest us, after all. So Facebook now has a great database of our likes and preferences, all just sitting there (hopefully it is just sitting there) with no real purpose. Well, our App of the Day has decided to tap into all of that unused information and at least make it useful to us.

[blockquote author=”FreshFeed”]Developed by a team of physicists, mathematicians and psychologists, FreshFeed uses a unique discovery engine, using your “likes” as fuel and generates your unique “Personality Wheel.” Are you more of an activist than you thought you were (let’s say 8%), or a musician, or a foodie? Find out! [/blockquote]

Introducing FreshFeed, the content app that tailors what it show you based on the data it gathers from your Facebook! Made by some really smart people, at least that is what the bio states, FreshFeed uses all of the information that you have been giving Facebook for years and uses it to decide what kind of content you are currently more inclined to seeing. Let’s say you have been a very vocal advocate for kitten rights these past few years on social media. FreshFeed would see that from Facebook and use it to give you more content that is focused on kitten right and similar content. Now, it does not just stop there, of course, as the app will deliver on whatever it feels like you are most interested in at that time. The neat part of FreshFeed is that it promises unlimited content that is relevant to you, and only you. Now you don’t have to waste your time searching for kitten news since it will hopefully be right there when you open the app!

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