AppBrain Breaks Down the Current State of Android Apps

The team behind AppBrain has put together a very insightful look into the Android Market and the current state of its apps.  There are some truly interesting facts to glean from their research, some of which I’ll quickly outline.

The most popular titles in the Android Market are made up of some pretty familiar names – Amazon MP3, Facebook, and Shazam are loaded on nearly half of all phones, if not not more. Google Maps is estimated to be on roughly 99-percent of the handsets out there while Pandora can be found on roughly one in three devices.

AppBrain estimates that 5,500 applications out of over 70,000 officially recognized titles are installed on 99.9-percent of all phones.  The other 65,000 apps are installed on less than .1% of phones.  In other words, about 8-percent of all apps in the Android Market can be found on just about every phone.  The other 92-percent languish in relative obscurity.

Back in March, Appbrain created a filtering system designed to hide crap apps and fluff.  At the time, they were able to identify 30% of the Android Market as “spam”.  Today they see about half of the market as spam.  What will happen once the App Inventor starts allowing you and I to create drag/drop apps?

Of interesting note was mention of a developer named Co. Ltd. About two weeks ago the developer (or Google) yanked nearly 4,000 titles out of the Android Market.  Picked up by the filtering system in place, AppBrain tells us that many of the apps were cookie cutter designs and auto-generated.  Who do you think was behind the sudden pull?

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