Updates Site with New Ways to Sort Apps

We really like it when developers and providers for Android listen to the feedback their users are giving them. informed us through a press release that they have made some significant changes to their site to better serve their users.  A quote from the release:

Apart from a much cleaner UI, we have completely redone the way users
can browse for Android apps. The updated site offers innovative
sorting options to discover interesting Android apps. Our traditional
daily hot, weekly hot, and popular listings will be more visible, but
there will also be completely new sorting options such as sorting by
use in a number of specific countries, and popularity among men or
women and age groups.
In addition to these new sorting orders you can fully subdivide each
major sorting order into Android categories and filter on free, paid,
updated, price reduced and new apps only.

This means that you are going to be able to drill down to the genre of app you are looking for a lot quicker, which is always a good thing.  We applaud for these changes and quietly point the people at Google in charge of the Market towards these changes and urge them to take notice!

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