Betcha didn’t know this, but Archos has been in the Android tablet game as long as anyone.  They have already release tablets/devices running Android that range in size from 2.8-inches up to 10-inches.  Unfortunately their efforts just haven’t seem to catch on much.  Maybe their next trick might be the one that puts them over the top.  Check it out, Archos has just pulled the curtain back on a pair of Honeycomb tablets that rival (on paper) anything on the market.

Today sees Archos announcing the G9 (Ninth Generation) tablets in 8-inch and 10.1-inch flavors.  The list of specs have us drooling, and we expect you’ll do the same. With Honeycomb (3.1) dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP 4 processors, 250GB storage space, HDMI output, a USB port, and wait for it… Android Market support, we can see these taking off. Still not convinced? What if we told you the 8-inch tablet was only $279 and the 10.1-inch model was $349.99… Wait, get back here!  They’re not for sale yet!

The ARCHOS 80 G9  has an 8-inch screen at 4:3 with a resolution of 1024 x 768 while the ARCHOS 101 G9 has a 16:10 screen at 1280 x 800 resolution.  While these tablets come with Wi-Fi support, there’s a concealed spot in the back that allows for a USB 3G stick.  Slap that $49 add-on in there and have access to pay-as-you-go data!  Both tablets will be shown off at IFA and are expected to arrive in September.  That’s a few months for you to scrape together that lawn-mowing and pool-cleaning money.

Read the full press release here.

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  1. 250GB? That has to be a typo. And for $280? Unless something is horribly wrong with them, I’m sold.

    • They use standard HDD instead of flash, therefore the big storage. I guess battery life will be worse than in other 3.0 tablets, but for home usage where you have charger at hand that shouldn’t be a problem.

      • No, battery runtime is same with HDD model, the HDD mostly is not running, it only spins up to fill the cache when you watch video or listen to music files stored on the hard drive. Also, the HDD models are slightly thicker and slightly heavier, meaning they probably have slightly bigger battery thus not running any shorter.

  2. Saw the shelf tag last night at Walmart for the iconia a100 and the 8″Vizio tablet. I have an Archos 70 now and would consider waiting for the new Aechos bit the don’t have a 7″. The 8″ Archos will be just too awkward to carry around like I do my Archos 70 now. So I’ll probably bite on the Acer iconia since it should drop any day at Walmart. Too bad for me because the DC 1.5ghz and 280gb hard drive (and the price) sound awesome.

  3. With GPS, according to the technical specs!  It’s not yet QUITE down to the magic <$200 price point that I'm waiting for, but this is pretty dang close.

    If they come out with e.g. a 5" version of more or less the same thing for <$200 then I'll be spending (even if they don't, I'd seriously consider the 8" model even at its current price if I find myself with some surplus cash…)

    Go Archos!

  4. What do you mean by putting them over the top? Archos is doing great, they basically sell everything that they produce. Archos released their first embedded Linux Qtopia based tablet in February 2005. In some countries, Archos has the second biggest tablet market share, thus Archos is the most selling Android tablet maker in several countries. For a 100-employee company based in France, what more would you suggest they need to be put over the top? If someone invests $1 Billion in Archos, I think they could overnight become number 1 tablet maker in front of Apple.

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