Starting today, AT&T’s Samsung Captivate, the second of the Samsung Galaxy S phones to be released in the United States goes on sale. Priced at $199.99 after contract, the Captivate offers AT&T customers a true Android powerhouse.  I just got back from my local AT&T and I can tell you first hand, the phone is sweet and the screen is amazing!

Anyone plan on picking one up? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Tried to get mine last night and they told me it would cost me $299.99 for the phone instead of the $199.00 so I am waiting to get off work and then getting one. I am replacing a HTC Aria that is acting up after 3 weeks of use.

    • what kind of issues were you having with the Aria? My fiance has one and would like to know what to look out for. She hasn't had any issues yet.

  2. i copped one! delightful. also picked up the case. including tax and the case it came out to over $280 =(

  3. Picked one up and a case today around 1:30 EST. It's my wife's phone, new toy for me to play with while I wait on my iP4. This is the first Android phone I have messed with and really don't understand how some people say that it is not as polished as iOS…though I have not played with the Captivate too much.

    • not natively, but you can get around that either by using the sdk developers kit or you can root it and do whatever you want to it then!

    • I had a G1 with a keyboard. I like this much better. When the phone is in landscape mode, I can type much more easily than I could with a keyboard.

  4. Honestly folks only 2 real issues, 1 no flash, but who really cares I'm not replacing my digital camera with it. the 2nd being blocked from non-market apps, again who cares you can use the sdk or root it. I'm loving mine had for 3 days now and can put it down! I've even slapped a review of the camera (video and photo) on my blog if your interested..

  5. I was first in line at my local AT&T store this morning to grab the Captivate. I am so glad I did. This phone is exactly what I have waited for, for a long time. It is awesome and good to see that AT&T is finally on board with Android. Guy behind me was bummed that I got the first one. Staff had no clue what this phone is all about. They are just IPHONE droids. Staff was shocked that people knew about this phone.

  6. I had the chance to play around with the phone for a bit and it's a very slick device. It seemed to be very responsive and felt well-made.

  7. Got one at 12:15 Sunday – I was the 5th sale at that store. The staff seemed quite perplexed that people were lining up to get this and not an Iphone 4. I said, "Think how many people you would have in here if AT&T actually marketed this like Verizon is marketing the Droids!"

    Great phone. Zero compaints. Great call quality, even in parts of town where my old Nokia "dumb phone" would flake out due to low signal strength. Connects to every WiFi I've tried with no problems. And Android is super.

  8. Does the Samsung Captivate have a flash on its camera or is the Nexus One the only AT&T Android phone with a flash?

    • No, there is no flash on the camera. My pictures, in marginal lighting, have come out super crappy. Other than that, it is a great smartphone.

      • What a way to ruin an otherwise great phone. It seems that the Nexus One phone is the only smartphone that has a camera as good as the iPhone 4's.

  9. there was a whole pricing debacle on this thing.
    i purchased one through and it was 229 no commitment price, only to have my and many other members' orders cancelled by

  10. This phone is a dog…it will not allow to use POP mail…only gmail….google and samsung are screwing their customers…avoid this phone at all cost

  11. Smartphones without flash on the camera should not exist anymore… waste of money if it doesnt have a flash!

  12. …..if you are a good cell phone photographer than you dont need a flash
    if you want flash then go buy a camera

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