AT&T Crying Foul Over Xohm and Clearwire Merger

AT&T aren’t taking the Sprint Xohm Clearwire merger as just added competition. Naturally, they see it as a competitive threat to their current 3G and future 4G business. That explains why they are now pleading like little girls to the FCC to block the merger.

On Thursday, it filed a petition with the FCC looking for more scrutiny on the deal. AT&T is complaining that the proposed merger “openly state[s] that they intend to compete with other national wireless providers — including AT&T — yet they fail to make the required showings necessary for the commission’s review.”

AT&T is clearly showing how much it fears the threat of the Clearwire deal. With companies like Google and Time Warner behind the deal and some $3billion dollar investments, who could blame them? My opinion is that AT&T needs to suck it up and try to compete in an ever growing hostile business environment.

Xohm Clearwire WiMax offering is scheduled to launch in the 3rd of 4th quarter of this year.

Now what about that Sprint & T-Mobile Merger? I’d like to hear more about that.

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  1. Time is of the essence for the new ClearWire. ATT knows that!
    Wimax is ready to go! Imagine a better Iphone (Not an ATT gadget…) with internet connection speed up to 15Mgbs not a 720K when you’re lucky!
    ATT with their decision to wait for LTE is concern. Good! Let them be. ClearWire is the typical type of progressive company that should be use as an example!
    In this difficult economical times they are generating new possibilities with real capabilities unlike ATT milking the cows with old technology…

    I sincerely hope that the tech press realized that and put a stop in that non sense!


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