AT&T Desire a Possibility

All of you AT&T customers that have been sitting like vegetables all summer staring into space, hoping against hope that a Droid X-like phone will magically make one of its landings on your carrier have reason to rejoice. According to Engadget, a phone just hit the FCC that is quite possibly the HTC Desire preparing for its North American launch.

The Desire, which will probably be renamed something similarly stimulating, will definitely make apple nerds “hot for teacher”. It is expected to be packing a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and HTC sense with 2.1. The rumor also slates it for a nice Q3 Froyo upgrade. Listen…can’t you hear the EVO customers boiling with rage? I can, because I am one of them. Besides AT&T, Bell, Telus, and Rogers are all possible candidates for this Desirable phone. That was called a pun kids, ask your grandparents about them. The Desire could definitely help raise AT&T’s meager Android customer base.

We all know the real reason AT&T is looking at the Desire…AndroidGuys recently gave them a D- in their quarterly report card.

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