AT&T is bringing back true unlimited data starting tomorrow for its wireless customers. New and existing customers of DIRECTV or UVERSE will have the choice to switch to the new AT&T Unlimited Plan for $100 on a smartphone. If you’re in a family you can add up additional smartphones for $40 per line with the fourth being free. The total cost for the Unlimited Plan for a family of four is just $180.

“Our new unlimited plan is our best offer yet. It’s the perfect reward for our valued customers who like to take advantage of our integrated offers of TV and wireless services,” said Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions. “Video traffic continues to grow on our network as fast as ever because people enjoy viewing their favorite video content on their favorite devices.”

Ralph de la Vega is clearly taking aim at T-Mobile’s claim of unlimited video streaming where it automatically downgrades the quality to 480 pixels. That’s not quite the 720p or 1080p resolution we are used to, but AT&T is promising true unlimited data. In typical fashion though, AT&T has a disclaimer at the bottom of the press release stating,”After 22GB of data usage on a line in a bill cycle, for the remainder of the bill cycle AT&T may slow data speeds on that line during periods of network congestion.” So it is unlimited data as long as you don’t go over 22GB of data per month on a single line.


“We’ve got the content consumers want, we’re delivering it to the devices they want, and we’re making it as easy as ever for them to consume as much as they want,” he said. “And, they will get a high-quality video streaming experience from the start. No compromises in video quality.”



Device Type Monthly Access Fee Per Device
1st Smartphone $100
Additional Smartphones

(Fourth line free after bill credit)

+ $40
Tablets + $40 (or $10 for 1GB)
Watches + $10
Basic/messaging phones + $25
Select connected devices + $10

Pricing includes $60 per month plan charge plus per device access charge.

This new Unlimited Plan varies from the unlimited plans of the past that were grandfathered in, as this one includes unlimited minutes and texts which were limited or add ons in the past. So this new Unlimited Plan is very competitive and if AT&T lives up to its promise in true unlimited data we may be seeing a big shift in customers moving from T-Mobile to AT&T.

If you already have AT&T Uverse and/or DIRECTV but don’t have AT&T Wireless, for a limited time, you can receive $500 in credits when you make the switch. You just need an eligible smartphone to trade in as well as signing up for a new phone on AT&T Next.

AT&T Press Release

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  1. In case anyone wants to do this deal, be smart, first, use 1-855-641-5895 to call Directv. That way you get free shipping and handling for your equipment. Second, find someone who has Directv so you can use the Refer-A-Friend discount of $10 off for 10 months for both you and your friend. Don’t know anyone? Use my account number: 47061780. Also, if you choose the Choice package or above, have the agent give you these things for free: 2016 NFL Sunday Ticket, Cinemax, Showtime, HBO, and Starz/Encore for 3 months and the HD Extra Pack for 3 months. If you’re an existing AT&T cell phone customer, they will also give you an additional $10 off a month, but that is an ongoing discount, it won’t expire after 10 months like the Refer-A-Friend discount

  2. @AT&T can you do something about international data fees please? My niece is able to use her US data plan when travelling abroad and I’m considering switching just for that.

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