Just a few minutes ago we got a tip from one of our readers, Greg Stengel that he was able to buy his Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S phone) from AT&T TODAY!  I called my local AT&T corporate store and they confirmed that they had quite a few in stock and that indeed you could buy them right now.  This is two days early according to release date plans, so perhaps they moved it up to compete with the T-Mobile Vibrant.  if you have been waiting for this handset to drop, your wait is over!

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  1. This is great news, now this makes me consider a this over the windows phone 7 series.. However it means, i need to learn a new language.. being a beginner .net coder.. and no i will not buy a iphone.. unless i wanna overly popular and crummy programming language.. sorry.. obj c looks like crap. plus the fact. i would either mess with hackintosh, or worse have to buy retarded Mac… plus the 100 bucks.. or jailbreak.. oh well. I need to learn more on this phone.

  2. Bought mine today as well. Associate confirmed that it was related to the release of the Vibrant. This is a great phone!

  3. I got mine! I'm not sure how many were at the store I went to; I was just happy I was able to get one!

    When's the dock coming out that's what I want to know!!!!

  4. I am in the Virgin Islands (US). I called AT&T; they told me that they do not have any information about the Samsung Captivate being available today. Is there a specific corporate AT&T telephone number that I need to call to place an order today?

  5. I called a few local retailers and they won’t sell it today !! Gah! Is there some official memo they missed :)

  6. All the stores have this product in stock in Raleigh,NC but for some reason will not release till 18th. Spoke to an authorized retailer, they said check Saturday Nite sometimes they will release the night before but at an authorized retailer.

  7. LIES!!!!!!! I called 4 stores in portland and got that they received a memo that NO phones can leak out until doors open on sunday.

  8. Phones are being sold early, but mostly just in Texas and a few other central US states. A memo was sent out to SOME corporate stores (the ones that are AT&T stores, not just AT&T authorized) to sell early if they had any. However, unless you're lucky enough to be in or around Texas, you probably won't get anything till Sunday.

  9. Lies, Dirty Dirty Lies.

    Called 12 AT&T corporate stores around L.A. – All but 1 say the 18th. The outlier said the 25th (?)

  10. At least your stores knew about the phone. I called my Corporate AT&T store once today and once a few days ago and the two DIFFERENT people I talked to had no idea what the Samsung Captivate was… I was like WTF?!?! I asked if they would have it in stock and when it was available and they had to put me on hold to ask what it was and when they were releasing it. Idk how these people got hired at AT&T if they don't do their f*ckin homework!

  11. I called stores in TN and they say sometime at the end of the month and one guy at another store acted like he didn't know what it was. Ridiculous that they have no clue what they have or what they are getting. About all they have a clue about is the iPhone.

  12. Well no one in Austin is selling them…. nor are any of the places my dad (who works for AT&T) called…. so I am calling BS, someone is just starting rumors.

  13. i was going to call stores but from what i read it seemed more people had better luck going to the store in person. when i went to the store the rep had to go talk to his manager first if they can sell it to me. when he came back he had the captivate in his hand.

  14. Called a store in LA, CA on Wilshire and another in West Covina, none of which will sell it to you early.

  15. Stores in Milpitas, Sunnyvale, and San Ramon are all holding off until Sunday. No sneak peeks. Just went to T mobile and looked at the Vibrant to get an idea.

  16. Morning all, sorry for the slow response:

    I confirmed this tip by calling all of the local Kansas City CORPORATE stores, authorized resellers knew nothing about the early release and many knew nothing about the PHONE.

    ALL of the corporate owned stores said they were selling them as of right that minute, and had plenty in stock. If your corporate store says no, I certainly apologize, I went with the confirmation that I got from 3 corporate stores here in Kansas City,

  17. Holy crap I am pissed. Wife bought it because the iphone4 was out of stock. Come to find out Nursing Central will not work on the captivate because it is not from the Android Market!! So thats $160 dollars down the drain. Nothing I can do about it.. Called At&t and they were WORTHLESS! Passed the buck to Samsung. Oh yeah and crashed the operating system trying to root the piece of shit. Taking it back tomorrow ;)

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