Banjo might just be the app that everybody needs in their pocket. Nothing quite does the job of updating you on everything that’s going on around the world like Banjo does, as it gathers small news and huge news alike for you to see what’s going on.

Banjo’s homepage is comprised of Trending Events, News, Sports, Music, More Events and “Suggest and Event”.

Trending Events mainly includes events and pieces of news that are trending around social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter. When tapping on an article, you’re given a list of all the people and news sources talking about it, as well as pictures. People at the certain event can post pictures of it directly to Banjo, or the app will automatically include an Instagram or Tweet of yours if you use the right hashtag.

In the News section, users are given an extensive list of events with a thumbnail picture under the continent that it is happening.

banjo Banjo2


Once again, upon tapping any type of news, you are taken to a list of sources currently reporting on the news, whether it be individual people or major news sources like Yahoo News.

I like the Music section of the app that shows you concerts and festivals all around the world, and sliding the menu out from the right allows you to filter out certain music genres to only the ones you want to see. I only wish Banjo could use my location to show me events coming up in my area. Banjo does let you suggest an event, but I’m surprised that I don’t already see upcoming events in Columbus, Ohio. The only part of the app that uses location, is a separate page that gives you tweets and instagram photos of random people in your area you don’t know. They are completely random tweets too, I’m not sure why I would want to see that.

Regardless, Banjo is the app for people who want to keep updated with small and major events around the world, whether it be for national disasters, car accidents, traffic jams or huge festivals in Brazil. Check out the Google Play link below

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