Remember how earlier this month we told you about a rumor emerging from Asia which said Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 will be powered by Samsung SDI batteries?

Since Samsung SDI batteries also powered the now defunct Galaxy Note7, we speculated that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note7 investigation report will show the batteries weren’t to blame for the phablet catching on fire.

Samsung Galaxy Note7Samsung has already concluded its investigation and is expected to release the full report detailing the findings on January 23, one day before it is scheduled to announce its Q4 2016 earnings results. And while we wait on that a new report from Reuters has arrived to give us the scoop a week earlier.

The publication is citing a source familiar with the matter who revealed that Samsung’s investigation concluded the batteries were actually the culprit of the whole Galaxy Note7 affair. The source explains that Samsung has been able to replicate the fires and came to the conclusion the batteries were to blame since no other flaws in hardware design or software were identified.

Samsung BatteryRemember that initially Samsung proclaimed Samsung SDI batteries were the culprit. But immediately after Samsung started to ship out replacement Note7 units using Amperex batteries, the same issues manifested again. Which led a lot of experts to suggest different reasons for the phablet overheating including Samsung not giving enough room for the battery inside the phone. Now it seems like the powerhouse was to blame after all.

Although the Reuters report doesn’t fully explain what happened, things are going to become clear next week when Samsung releases the full report. Hopefully the Korean tech giant has figured once and for all what is that makes the batteries overheat.

We don't want this again, Samsung
We don’t want this again, Samsung

With one month to go before the Galaxy S8 release, it’s critical for Samsung to provide an apt explanation for the Galaxy Note7 debacle in order to reassure customers before its next flagship comes along. Samsung can’t afford another disaster and the Galaxy S8 needs to be flawless – no explosive batteries included.

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  1. Uh, yeah the battery was exploding, but the reason the battery exploded was NOT due to a battery design flaw, yet your title seems to allude to that.

    It was a design flaw of the phone itself not allowing enough room for the battery expanding due high heat from things such as the IRIS detector and not enough room in the compartment to allow for heat to escape. Also, a software flaw didn’t detect the condition when the temperature was too high. It was a design flaw in the phone as well as a software flaw. The battery itself was fine and operated as it should. Might want to change your title. It’s very misleading. What happened was that due to not enough room to expand, as well as the not allowing for heat to escape and the software not detecting the high temperatures, the positive and negative cells came into contact in the battery causing the explosion. This would have happened in any other device that had the same issues and allow the positive and negative cells to come into contact. So, it was NOT a battery design flaw, but a phone design flaw.

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