BBM for Android to launch today, but there’s a catch

BlackBerry’s attempt to launch BBM for Android and iOS users has been anything but smooth. The launch was delayed, according to BlackBerry, due to a leaked Android version of the app that resulted in several issues.

Fast forward nearly a month and BlackBerry has announced it’s going to post both apps in the respective stores later today; but there’s a catch.

While you’ll be able to install BBM today, you’re going to have to wait in line. In order to avoid any potential issues from the influx of users, BlackBerry wants you to download the app from the Play Store and then enter your e-mail address upon launch. Doing so will save your place in line, and when it’s your turn to receive access you’ll receive an alert.

There’s only one way around waiting in line. You would have had to sign up at when it was first announced to be heading to other platforms. If you did that, you’re e-mail address will grant you access to the service.

As of right now the apps aren’t yet live, but should be in “a few hours.” BlackBerry suggests to keep checking from your device and when the app is live, you’ll find a link to download it.

Update: BBM for Android is now live in the Play Store. Download it here.

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