IN BRIEF: 5 Android related things you might have missed [June 4th]

It’s that time again my Android friends. Today were going to take a look at some gaming related news. Here are 4 games you may want to try out plus some big news from a well known developer.

If all that Game of Thrones watching this weekend has put you in a medieval mood you may want to check out Gamelofts new game “Rival Knights”. “Rival Knights” is an epic jousting simulation and is free to play. Check it out now via the link below.

Rival Knights

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Sticking with the gaming, a big congratulations goes out to Imangi Studios for reaching a truly epic milestone. Imangi Studios is responsible for the fan favorite Temple Run franchise and today has announced that they have reached over one billion downloads! That’s only the second mobile game to ever reach that milestone. The studio is hard at work on their next project but here are some interesting stats

  • Players have collectively spent over 216,018 years playing Temple Run
  • Over 32 billion games have been played
  • Temple Run players have run a total of 50 trillion miles

Temple Run

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After your done running from crazed monkeys you might want to give Cie Games “Racing Rivals” a chance. “Racing Rivals” was a hit on the iPhone with over 5 million downloads and counting. The game was recently brought over to our favorite OS and is available for free from the link below.


 Racing Rivals

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This next app is for you young andrioid fans (Very Young), or for those of you like me who have toddlers. The game is “Kids Shuffle” and it helps children learn the alphabet and numbers. “Kids Shuffle” has 3 difficulty levels and offers some slick animations. Available free from developer Greensparkers at the link below.



 KIds Shuffle

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Lastly we have a very nice looking game for all of you action fanatics. “Ninja Time Pirates” brought to you by developer HappyGiant lets you travel back in time uncovering an epic conspiracy while saving the planet from an alien invasion (YES!). This game offers awesome graphics and is actually one of my favorite games at the moment. Its free to play and available at the link below.

Ninja Time Pirates

[pb-app-box pname=’com.happygiant.ntp’ name=’Ninja Time Pirates’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]