IN Brief: Android-Related things worth knowing about

Hello all of you crazy android fans. Its time for this weeks IN Brief: ARTWKA, thats “android related things worth knowing about” for those of you not in the know, where we give you a brief, get it, rundown of some of the things that have been going on in our beloved android world recently.

For all of you thrill-seekers out there has released a new android app that brings “A world full of sports, music, games, and lifestyle that now fits in any pocket”. The app is similar to a sports and lifestyle type magazine with lots of pictures and exclusive videos. This app follows the android design guidelines and is very aesthetically pleasing.


One thing that I love about android is the ability to customize my experience. With android having so many custom keyboards the platform allows virtually any and everyone to find something that works for them. A.I.type has released an update to their popular keyboard that includes some pretty unique features. Most notable is the “Action Bar”. This action bar allows quick use of features such as the “Ginger Engine” grammar check, built in search, and launching a built in calculator.

A.I.type 2.1


If you like to stay up to date with local and international news Yahoo has released its latest news app Yahoo News Digest with support for not only the US & UK but also International and Canada.

Yahoo News Digest


Mobile security company “Lookout” has published a very interesting read entitled “Phone Theft In America”. The article sheds some light on a survey conducted by IDG Research and the findings are interesting to say the least. Revealing facts such as…

  • 90% of victims take action to get their phone back.
  • Nearly 70% of phone theft victims reported that they would be willing to put themselves in physical danger to get their stolen device back.
  • 1 in 3 victims claimed they would pay $1000+ to retrieve the sensitive data on their phones.

This article is definitely worth a read.

Phone Theft In America


You gamers will be interested to know that we have received new information from Gameloft on their upcoming title Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The game will feature

 Unified Progression

  •  Player progression wont just happen in multi-player mode but also in single player mode

 Soldier Classes 


  • Assault – Aggressive fighter that is effective at medium range combat. Equips assault rifles and pistols.
  • Heavy – Resilience is the main advantage of this class. Equips shotguns and RPGs and feels comfortable in close to medium combat.
  • Recon – Focuses on fast action and exposing enemies. Equips SMGs and pistols. Efficient in close range combat.
  • Sniper – Obviously, focuses on sharpshooting with a stealth approach. Equips sniper rifles and pistols. Efficient in long distance combat.

Find out more about this highly anticipated release at the link below.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Ever wish you could carry over your android gaming or messaging sessions seamlessly to the desktop? Well now you can with the help of “ANDY”. Andy lets you run a virtual android device on your Windows/Mac computer. This allows you to sync all of your android games and apps to the desktop. One especially cool feature of the Andy program is that you can use your android device as a controller for your gaming on the virtual device.



BrilliSoft has released a new app that could be a very useful tool in the war on bullying. The app “Shake For Help” allows a child who is being bullied to simply shake their phone and the app immediately notifies the childs emergency contacts. Shake For Help will also alert the childs emergency contacts to the exact location of the child. The app is entirely free.

Shake For Help


One thing that I love to do is travel and if you are like me you take a ton of pictures while on vacation.  New app PicPack allows you to instantly view, download, and share, everyone’s photos from a trip. The app also allows for easy collaboration by automatically combining all of the members of your groups photos into one cool timeline. PicPack also allows for effortless sharing to popular social networks, facebook anyone. The app is completely free and is available now.




Summertime is right around the corner and long time popular fitness app MapMyFitness has added some visual flair and better functionality to their fitness app. In update 3.0 we now have a refreshed U.I., new navigation, and updated friending capabilities along with a plethora of more features.



And last but not least, I’m sure you movie buffs are definitely checking out the new Godzilla movie this weekend. If you want to bring some of that action home you may want to try the new Godzilla game from developer Rouge Play, Inc, Godzilla-Smash3. The game is free but offers in app purchasing content.



This completes this weeks IN:Brief. Do you have any apps that you feel should have made the list? Did you try any of the apps in this weeks IN:Brief or read any of the studies? Let us know in the comments.

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