The opportunity to communicate with others in a convenient manner was one of the first things that made the Internet so popular. The advancement of the Internet has brought many different instant messaging systems. Of course, some of them were more successful than the others. Brosix is definitely one of the fastest growing instant messaging products available in the market today. It is used by both businesses of different sizes and individuals.

Today, Brosix app is available to users of mobile devices and computers that use almost every type of operating systems. Obviously, the one designed for Android users is among the most popular ones.

Basic information

The installation process of this application is straightforward and it won’t take much time before you can start enjoying all the features. There are two ways in which you can download Brosix app. You can use Google Play Store or you can download an APK file from the official Brosix website.

Once the download is finished, you can start the application, create username and password, and start using it. This application is available to users with Android devices with version 2.2 or higher. The application doesn’t require much space and memory to run.


Just like in the case of any product, the features are the most important things about it. The Brosix Android app is loaded with useful features and not those that are practically useless. This is something that is frequently found in other instant messaging products.

First of all, we should point out that Brosix allows you to send text messages quickly to all your contacts. This application uses secure communication channels. Privacy and security are becoming even more important today when the hackers are more active and more knowledgeable than ever.

The messages are encrypted and fully protected. Additionally, while we are talking about these messages, it’s good to point out that you can browse offline messages and check chat history at any moment you want. On top of that, these text messages are completely free.

The best part is that Brosix Android app is constantly upgraded and updated. The developers are doing their best to improve the instant messaging experience to all users. For example, not while ago, they have added a new feature that allows users to send pictures. In addition to the fact that you can send pictures with Brosix Android app, you can also receive pictures from other Brosix users directly.

What’s even better is that you can send existing photos or take photos directly and send them through the app. Once again, the basic objective is to make the app as user-friendly as possible.

The application comes with group chat features which are very important for enterprises. Many of them were able to improve productivity thanks to these chat rooms where they can have real-time discussions and conversations. They can also use these features for broadcasting, checking user status and tabbed chat.

Another important feature is the one that allows smooth file transfer. You don’t have to worry about the size or type of files because Brosix has you covered. You can also use the co-browsing feature, screenshot feature and screen share feature.

Furthermore, the Brosix Android app also has a few useful conference chat features. In addition to the voice chat used for this purpose, users can also use the video chat option. Whiteboard is a helpful interactive messaging feature.

In the end, we should not forget to mention that Brosix Android App also has antivirus software, spell check feature and regular updates.

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