Best Buy Gearing up to Launch EVO Shift 4G at $149.99 with Contract

Here’s a bit of welcome news for those of you looking to pick up Sprint’s next big thing.  The EVO Shift 4G will not come with the typical $200 price tag on it. To our surprise, the smart phone looks to debut with a lower-than-expected $149.99 price tag.  Not only is this $50 less than your average high-end Android phone, it’s $100 lower than the similarly-spec’d Epic 4G.  Perhaps Samsung and Sprint will drop the price of their Galaxy S device to level the playing field.  We still don’t know for certain that the EVO Shift 4G will have a front-facing camera, leaving a little wiggle room in price.

Thanks to this screen shot, we now know the name appears final, leaving Speedy and Knight to die with other cool sounding code names. We like the idea of keeping the “EVO” in the name as it conjures up images of the first 4G device.  It’s hard to imagine anyone not welcoming the chance to be associated with one of the best selling Android phones of the year.

It’s worth pointing out that this is not to be 100 percent proof of the pricing, nor whether it’s exclusive to Best Buy.  We’ll find out soon enough.  At least we sure hope so! The first time we heard this phone tied to a launch date, it was the “Speedy getting launched on Jan 6th.”  Day one of CES 2011, anyone?