New hybrid motor vehicles are coming out of the market in a very fast and furious fashion these days. From cars to skateboards, electric-powered options are bringing new ways for consumers to get around the world. E-bikes are one of the first to make this shift and C3STROM is set to shake that up again with the new Astro Pro E-bike.


The first thing that really pops out is the classic motorcycle vibes the Astro Pro exudes. From the meaty wheels and tires to the very mechanical industrial metals, the Astro Pro looks fantastic. You could easily be fooled that this is a small motorcycle over a hybrid moped bike.

The throwback look is also present in the safety features. The front LED headlight is big and styled to match the look of early motorcycles as well. The same is true for the cargo rack on the back fender. The minimalistic cage would easily blend into the 1960s motorcycle scene.

Even the battery has a camouflaged design that makes it mimics the look of a traditional fuel tank. It sits horizontally in front of the bench seat and flows great within the other lines of the Astro Pro design. C3STROM has nailed the nostalgia from these press photos.

The only real thing that gives away that this is a hybrid unit is the pedals. The chained manual power source is still understated and kinda just blends into the rest of the Astro Pro.


The powertrain of the C3STROM Astro Pro is a combination of the Bafang 750 Watt motor and a Samsung 1040 Watt-hour battery bank. These are two proven companies that have a consistent and successful track record powering the Astro Pro.

The company states that the Astro Pro can hit up to 32 MPH when using the pedal assist and off-road power mode. You can cruise at 28 MPH with assistance in the Class 3 road setting. Assistance equals the combination of a half-twist electric throttle and five levels of pedal assist.

C3STROM rates that you should get 32 miles of electric-only travel. Adding in the Class 1 pedal assistance can stretch this endurance to a max of 78 miles per charge. This allows massive flexibility from the Astro Pro.

Staying safe on the road

Safety is also well thought out by C3STROM on the Astro Pro. The front headlight is a 130-Lux LED lamp that should offer ample illumination at night. The light pulls double duty with the horn being integrated into the same casing. Your rear is covered too with LED brake and turn signal indicators.

Braking isn’t just superficial either. The Astro Pro offers hydraulic breaking on both the rear and front wheels. Each 20-inch wheel has a 4-piston with a 203mm disc brake. This should offer quick braking when needed to slow this bike down. Even at 95 pounds of total weight, the braking system should be more than enough.

Other specs and options

You can keep an eye on your battery, speed, and settings via a 3.5 LCD display mounted between the handlebars of the Astro Pro motorbike. There’s also a USB port in this panel to charge your phone while traveling. You can also add battery capacity with an optional second battery bank that installs onto the rear rack.

The racking system can be extended even further. C3STROM plans to offer storage, hydration systems, and cup holders to add to this mount as well. Speaking putting things together, the Astro Pro comes mostly assembled with only the wheels and handlebars to be users installed.

Pricing and availability

The Astro Pro moped is available now via the C3STROM website shop. The bike can be purchased in two colors: Dark Grey and Futuristic Silver. Pricing is set at $2700, but the company is currently offering $100 off a single bike sale or $300 off two bikes.

This puts the C3STROM far past an impulse buy, but from the spec sheet, you get a ton of features in a classic urban package. If the Astro Pro delivers on the company’s claims, this could be a great solution for the casual commuter and occasional offroader.

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