CALLING ALL DEVELOPERS: Udemy kicks off 2016 with $10 online courses

[df-subtitle]New new, new you? Pick up an online course for dirt cheap! [/df-subtitle]

Ready to start the year off right? This is the year you become an expert photographer or Android developer, right? Of course it is! And we’re here to cheer you on and help see that it happens.


Udemy has slashed the prices of its online classes to a mere $10 for a short period. If you’re an aspiring Android developer, you’ll have a number of courses you may be interested in checking out. While there are quite a few more, these are the top, highest rated classes.

The following classes are ONLY $10 right now!

Some of these bundles include hundreds of hours of help spread across dozens of courses. We’re not developers here but, looking through the classes, we see some deals we’d be happy to check out. The price is right for all of these and we love learning at our own pace. Who knows – maybe we will get into coding.


It’s not just Android classes that are being discounted either; there are more than 17,000 online courses you can snag for only $10 a pop! Here’s a handful of other categories you might be interested in looking into.