Canadian HTC Magic Gets Sense UI and 911 Fix

The first of 2 upgrades to the Canadian HTC Magic is officially underway. The two updates spoken about in an earlier post stated that the first of the 2 updates would be a 911 fix and the much appraised HTC Sense UI. The second which will be released mid-summer is the full upgrade to Android 2.1 to keep it up-to-date with the latest Android version. The update is available on the Rogers website and requires a little more than a basic knowledge of the computer to install it. Thankfully Rogers Wireless has included instructions that make the process “bearable” to say the least. The instructions specifically state that you should put 20 minutes aside for this process; although with the internet connection I’m on right now it looks like it’s going to be 20 min to just download the update! The link to the update is here. *Win7 and Mac users please see your special directions below. Choose your phone as either the HTC Dream or Magic.

While this update has some people cautious about downloading it, wondering whether it will affect their “rooted/modded” status, most will be happy to find out that they will receive a one month’s credit of data fee’s due to the inconveneience. A big point of controversy for this upgrade is that users who do not upgrade quickly enough will have their data services disconnected until the update is completed.

Enjoy your Sense UI! And working 911 calls! Woot Woot!

Win7 and Mac Users Upgrade Instructions:


  • Rogers Magic
  • Battery Level of 50% or more. Do not start upgrade if battery level less than 50%
  • MicroSD card formatted in FAT32, please note cards formatted in FAT will not work.
  • Installing the Update via MicroSD Card:


    The first part will prepare the device for the actual update but will not upgrade the Operating System, the upgrade itself will be performed in Part2.

    1) Download the and extract the file within, to the root of the memory card in this form, do not extract it’s contents and please do not change the file name.
    2) Backup your personal data: All personal data (contacts, applications, photos, bookmarks, etc) stored on the device will be lost after the update process. There are also 3rd party applications on Android Market place to back up your applications and personal data.
    3) Power off the device.
    4) Remove the existing microSD card from your device (if there is one already installed), press in on the microSD Card to eject it and then remove it from the slot.

    Insert the microSD card with the on it in the microSD slot, slide it into the slot until you feel a “click”.

    5) Press and hold the Volume Down Button and the Power buttons until the display turns white.

    6) The update will begin installing, please follow any onscreen instructions, press the trackball when prompted to press “Action”

    7. Once the update is complete, “Press Action to Complete” will be displayed on the screen, press the TrackBall for the device to reboot and complete the first part of the upgrade process.
    8. Power off the device to prepare for the step 2 below.

    Part 2

    Upgrading the device.

    1) Delete the from the microSD card
    2) Download the and extract the file within, to the root of the memory card in this form, do not extract it’s contents. Please do not change the file name.
    3) Follow the same instructions as in Part 1 – step 3 TO 8.
    4) Delete the file from the card.

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