CES 2010: Twonkymedia Goes Mobile with Android App!

One of the many hassles with digital media is always trying to get your content such as pictures and videos off of your phone,  out, about and useful.  Sure uploading to YouTube or Facebook is cool, but a lot of the time you want to get those items out at home for personal use.  Or how about the other headache and constant struggle to untether the content that you own from the boxes they are stored on, allowing sharing of YOUR media anywhere in your home?  If you have ever tried that, you know it can be a headache.

Well, not anymore for Android users!  PacketVideo, the makers of Twonkymedia have announced at CES 2010 a free, mobile version of their media gateway server.  The app is going to allow Android users to have the ability to stream media from their handsets to other devices on their home networks, and vice versa!  Freedom for your media at your grubby little Android powered finger tips!  Imagine having the ability to watch a video you took with your brand spanking new Nexus One on your big screen plasma at home with all your friends with the touch of a button.  Entirely possible with the Twonkymedia app.

The Android app works in conjunction with the Twonkymedia server application which runs on Windows boxes as well as Mac’s and Linux builds.  The home version costs a VERY reasonable $29.95, and is worth looking at.  It covers a LARGE number of devices, and allows you to stream media all over your house.  Granted, it is possible to do this without a program if you are a tech guru, but with something that is written and geared for media sharing like this program, it may be worth it to not have to hassle with the guesswork.

Since the Android app is free, it is worth taking a look at and seeing if it fits your needs!

Twonkyserver Mobile is the name of the app and is available right now for download from the Market.  Use the barcode below to scan and download right now.

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