Do a Lot More Than Just Check-in with Locai

A new app has recently landed in the Android Market which takes a slightly different approach to the whole check-in phenomenon.   The app, Locai, is a mobile platform that helps young and social foodies and bar-hoppers get answers and start conversations while out and about. The mobile app is free to download and lets users post questions, images, and polls at specific places.  These items can then be shared with other people in attendance, social network friends, and those real-world friends who just didn’t make the trip.

Need help figuring out which way to go for dessert? Ask the crowd.  Wanna share that picture of you nomming the cupcakes?  Do it!  Privacy hounds will be pleased to know that users can control exactly who sees what, whether it’s fellow patrons, all of your friends, only a trusted circle of friends, or your hipster Facebook and Twitter friends.

To kick off the launch of Locai, the developers are sponsoring a Pub Crawl this weekend.  Should you live in the Dallas area, you might be interested in the Uptown Dallas Pub Crawl.  This is the 4th year for the event and features a  “crawl” through the area on a historic streetcar-turned-pub.  All of the party coordination and socializing will be done using Locai, of course.  Learn more about the Pub Crawl here.

Locai is a free download for Android 2.2 and above, including some tablets.





Popular Mobile App Now Empowers Android Users to Do Much More with their Check-In

Dallas, TX – Sept. 15, 2011 – Locai, Inc. today announced the availability of its free Locai app for Android customers – a fun, social app that turns your mobile phone into an interactive experience at every place you go. To celebrate the launch, Locai is partnering with Bud Light, Big D Sports, The Uptown Dallas Trolley and The Precise Agency, serving as the official technology platform for the 4th Annual Pub Crawl on Saturday, September 17th 2011. Party-goers will be the first to download and use Locai as they “crawl” through Uptown Dallas on a historic streetcar-turned-pub.

“Locai is the first mobile platform that brings together users and businesses to solve location-based problems – from meeting new people to deciding what to order or simply being entertained while you wait,” said Taylor Cavanah, President and CEO of Locai, Inc. “Increasingly people are turning to their phones in almost any situation and detaching from their local surroundings. To encourage users to stay connected, we wanted to give them a place to go on their phone that’s linked directly with the place and experience they’re having at any given moment.”

Imagine you just checked-in at a bar and are torn between ordering a beer or shot. Why not use your mobile phone to let the people around you or even your friends vote? Locai functions as an icebreaker to meet new people or simply to interact with friends. Anyone can join or start a conversation by asking questions, posting pictures or just sharing an opinion – and privacy controls can be set to share with fellow patrons, all of your friends, only a trusted circle of friends, Facebook and Twitter.

“Locai is unique because it goes beyond the check-in and provides an interactive experience perfectly suited for a mobile lifestyle,” said Michael Hendrix, President of The Precise Agency. “We’re building on the Locai platform because it offers unprecedented flexibility for brands to engage with consumers in a very personalized way.”

To help you find out who’s hanging out and what’s going on nearby, Locai’s new Discover Tab will search for questions and conversation starters. You’ll see the user that opened the conversation, where it began, and the distance from your current location. It’s the perfect way to discover those little things you might miss out on otherwise – like whether the restaurant down the block is bringing back its famous double-fudge brownie sundae or that someone down at the other end of the bar is also a die-hard Chromeo fan.

Guests of the Uptown Dallas Pub Crawl will use Locai to socialize, discover the next trolley stop, and play a custom web game created by The Precise Agency. Doug Nichols, Chairman for the Uptown Trolley Line added, “The M-line Trolley is an integral part of Uptown and connecting local businesses and riders outside of our free transportation service has been a goal for many years. Locai and The Precise Agency have created a truly unique user experience that is really going to inspire our riders to have fun not just at the Pub Crawl, but every time they come to Uptown Dallas.”

For more information on the Uptown Dallas Trolley Pub Crawl visit:

Pricing and Availability

Android customers can download Locai at no cost at or type “Locai” (don’t forget the quotation
marks) into the Android Market.