Confessions of an AndroidGuy

recoveryHi, my name is Sam and I am an AndroidGuy.

As reported last week, I received a shiny, black HTC myTouch 3G yesterday in the mail and it already has Cyanogen’s 4.0.1. I started with 4.0.4 but for some reason the phone would not fully start so after many, many reboots later I decided to go down a version or two and everything seems to working fine.  I have also noticed that this one is a lot snappier than other ones I had but no scientific data to back that up.

The main difference between getting root access to an Android device and jailbreaking an iPhone is that Android allows me to download and run 3rd party apk’s in its stock form.  There is no need for a Cydia app repository or a dev fork of jailbroken or non-jailbroken phones.  No, rooting Android is more akin to getting administrators rights to a PC as Linux users are already familiar with the term and results.  In fact, many applications for rooted phones are readily available in Android Market and/or Google’s own open source dev sites.  My main reasons for rooting: VPN, overclocker, and apps2SD.  Some fringe benefits though are browser multi-touch, home screen rotating, RAM swap-file on SDcard, and Quickoffice access for viewing attachments.

But here is where it can be dicey.  This process will exempt your phone from carrier updates and possibly from technical support via customer service until it is restored to the shipped image.  However, the risk here is that you CAN render your phone useless, but there are enough sites out there will most certainly keep you clear from danger and show you a way to always re-flash back to stock and start over.  In fact, I often learn much more when things go wrong with technology than when they go right.

Yes, I do own a G1 and a mT3G and I often switch my SIM between them depending what I am doing day-by-day.  Yet another reason I know I am addicted: one device is not enough.  And I am seriously thinking seriously about getting the Moto Cliq just to experience MOTOBLUR.

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