Confirmation of Replacement G1 Batteries Being Sent Out?

Last week, a handful of Android and mobile tech sites were buzzing with rumors of a replacement G1 battery being sent out by T-Mobile. Michael, of GoogleAndBlog, seemed to be the one to break that story, getting lots of attention from around the net.

One of our readers sent in an email this evening regarding a conversation he had with a supervisor at T-Mobile:

Just wanted to let you guys know that i just got off the phone with a tmobile supervisor who confirmed that replacement batteries are being sent out and that there was an internal memo sent around that extra batteries are being sent out free of charge and there will be no need to send back your old one! He was unable however to confirm whether or not they would be of a higher capacity or not. He said he would think it would be the same one just that consumers would have two batts.

Has anyone else spoken to T-Mobile directly about this situation? If so, what have you heard? Having a second battery is nice and all, but it’s still a pain to charge up when you have to put it into the phone. Here’s hoping it’s just a bigger battery.

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