Console Inc., of Santa Clara, CA is gearing up to open preorders for its new ‘ConsoleTab’ tablet. This new tablet is designed to meld the Android and PC experience into one 10-inch portable device.

UPDATE: We previously reported that this was going to be a Kickstarter project, however we’ve learned this not to be the case.  As such, ConsoleTab wants to clear the air a bit and offer more detail on its previous Kickstarter campaign. Pre-orders are set to go live any time so it’s important we made the distinction.

A message received from its team today reads:

To be clear, we are refunding our Console OS kickstarter backers, and we are working with our manufacturing partners at Teclast to clarify how the device is unique (from different radios, to different storage options, and more). And, we really want to make clear to people that do order that their credit cards will not be charged until it ships.

Key features of the tablet include the new Intel quad core Atom x5-Z8300 running at 1.8GHz and a base 64GB of expandable storage space, as well as 4GB of DDR3 RAM.  This should be plenty of processing power and memory for day-to-day tasks, but we will have to wait to see how it performs in real world applications after the official launch.

Full specs and pre-ordering information can be viewed at the ConsoleTab’s website, but rest assured that they are including some fairly powerful hardware underneath the 1080p screen. Console Inc. is taking a unique approach to this pre-order process by allowing backers to vote on the final color Kinetic Blue, Reflective Gold, and Matte Black.

Jumping into the crowded tablet space may prove to be a challenge for a small company like Console, Inc., but so far the overall design and internal specs show promise. Pair that with a new take on melding the PC experience into the Android OS, and they may just have a device that finds its own niche in the market.

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  1. Checkout

    Christopher Price and his Console Inc “company” are known for vaporware and stringing along his last kickstarter backers for 2 years before producing a halfassed cloned x86 is. The guy is a joke and his next product will be nothing but delays, excuses and in the end a failure.

    • The delays and excuses are already starting on his Facebook page. Yesterday they were supposed to open up preorders, but now due to a bunch of bs they are pushing back. Next week they are suppose to announce when they will open up preorders, but that will get pushed back again and again. Typical.

  2. Christopher Price is back pushing vaporware to various media outlets to seem like he is once again a legitimate businessman and his company is actually real.

    Guess what? Pre-orders NEVER happened and 8 months later they are still “GEARING UP” for ConsoleTab. This is another piece of vaporware, just like the ConsoleOS he stole $80k from Kickstarter backers for (now almost 4 years behind); that will never come to fruition either.

    The excuses he’s used since November of 2016 for the delay of ConsoleTab (check SSL errors on the website, trouble turning off old servers, glitches with the new site and store (still don’t exist), DNS changes, waiting for “rubber stamps” from partners, volunteering in Oroville for the oil spill (he used the terrorist attacks in Paris as a delay for ConsoleOS, just to remind you), and moving offices.

    Christopher Price is a pathological liar, and it’s a shame Android Guys just pushes news stories to support this shill with no regards to the truth of it.

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