Are you an instrument player who’d like to create your own songs and instrumentation? Part of what has made the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement so successful is that it enables builders to save money if they’re willing to sacrifice a little extra time. Some are so inclined as to build or repair their own products and don’t need the added cost. When it comes to music, the same can be said for some of us who just carry music with us heart and soul.

You could go find a keyboard on which to do all of this but may end up paying hundreds of dollars (the best digital keyboards cost a pretty penny these days). If you’re a DIY person who likes to try your hand at everything at least once, then perhaps this new Gamepad Keyboard may prove to your liking.

Called the SunFounder MagicKey 3-in-1 MIDI Gamepad Keyboard, this device lets you create your own instrument (say, a piano), gamepad for gaming, and keyboard for various activities, using other objects to enhance the experience such as tiny metal drums to create your “drum.” The beauty behind the 3-in-1 MIDI Gamepad Keyboard is that it isn’t just one item, but three in one. You can use it for multiple purposes, in everything from work to leisure.

When you’re tired of recording songs and working on a new piece, relax and convert the Gamepad Keyboard into a hand-held game controller. The MagicKey MIDI Gamepad Keyboard mandates the use of a Raspberry Pi or PC, so remember this before jumping in.

This multipurpose device loaded and packed with fun will set you back just $32.99, and you’ve likely never seen something this adventurous for this affordable a price. If you’re a DIY person with at least a modicum of curiosity, head on over to the link above to pick up your very own. Then come back here and let us know what use you have in mind for MagicKey’s Gamepad Keyboard.

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