Cruzerlite offering Samsung Galaxy S4 cases for $5.90 each

cruzerlite_gs4_casesYes, that headline is right. Our friends over at Cruzerlite are now selling cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 for the ridiculous price of $4.65 $5.90 each. So, while you wait for the smartphone to start shipping in the next few days, take a few minutes and order yourself a case… or two… or three.

Seriously, at this price you should just pick a couple of colors up and dress your phone in the case that matches your mood. We’ve counted no less than ten color choices in each of the two designs: Clone Army and Bugdroid.


Note that these are not some generic case and that Cruzerlite has not cut corners on the design. These are the same TPU materials used in other models.

Just tossing this out there as well… we noticed that Cruzerlite products are listed with a promotion of Buy Two Get One on accessories. All you have to do is enter promo code BUY2GONE at checkout and you could score a third case at no cost.

We’ve reached out to our contact at Cruzerlite who advised that these deals are for a limited time only (naturally) and that the price will go back up to the normal cost before long. What are you waiting for? HURRY!