CyanogenMod Support Now Official for 3 Samsung Galaxy S Devices

Its official!  Now everyone can relax as CM7 has arrived on the popular Samsung Galaxy S series handset.  Its been a long time coming, divorces and ruined friendships are simply a side effect of the most popular series of custom roms ever.  The current registration count of devices running CM7 exceeds 250k and is likely to skyrocket with this announcement.

Supported devices are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S i9000
  • Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant
  • Samsung Galaxy S Captivate – nightly builds

Nightly builds have already started for the Captivate and the rest should be rolling out very soon.  A tweet from @Cyanogen himself, credits this accomplishment to a handful of guys who made this happen.

Say thanks and follow @atinm@codeworkx@dumdidum, and @guiperpt for all their hard work.

Send these guys a tweet and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.  Keep an eye on the CyanogenMod download page or grab your nightly builds via Rom Manager Premium.


Source: CyanogenMod Blog