[dropcaps]There seems to be a never-ending quest to solve mobile email problems. The Boxer team a popular alternative to Android’s’ Gmail app believes they have “A Better Inbox”[/dropcaps]

The integration of Google’s Material Design UI into the email client is the biggest update since its launch back in September. The redesign and app enhancements aim to provide an enriched mobile experience.


Boxer is noteworthy for being the default email client for CyanogenOs. Cyanogen has gone on record and has been extremely vocal about their intent to take Android from Google. The war has started it will be interesting to say the least. I am eager to see what unfolds and what Boxer and Cyanogen’s partnership can really bring to the email client space.

The previous version of Boxer was well designed and looked professional. Although Boxer v2.2 has been rebuilt from the ground up and immersed nicely and genuinely feels as if it’s part of the Android ecosystem instead of just being dropped onto it.

Not to dwell on just the beauty enhancements there has been more changes than meets the eye. Going under the hood this update features improvements to the overall app speed, faster mail searching on Gmail accounts, the addition to be able to create new folders/labels and improvements made to battery usage.

Also a new floating action button, full height navigation drawer, color and style updates in the toolbar and status bar, circular avatars, and a new set of icons. It looks as if taking its time to update allowed Boxer to create a beautiful sleek application.nexus2cee_Boxer_material_feature_image

Cyanogen users will be affected by this update as well. With the partnership, Boxer will be capable of pushing out faster features, designs, and updates more often. In the coming weeks, this update will be shipping out Over The Air (OTA) to Cyanogen devices.

With the overwhelming amount of email clients available in the Google Play Store, the Material Design allows Boxer to be fluid yet familiar. Navigating from inbox account to inbox account is pleasurable. Although after switching to Boxer fully on my Samsung Galaxy Tab pro and Note 4 I couldn’t wait to switch back to Gmail and Inbox.

After using Boxer, I was reminded of a pretty toy that looks great but you should never play with. As a business or productivity tool, I didn’t feel very productive using the application. I closed the application multiple times to see if that would change it didn’t. Boxers interface was just very slow and sluggish. I began to get confused when looking at the combined tab or regular email tab. Creating a folder/label needs to be simplified tremendously. You have to first click on an email then this retro boxy menu appears you click label then another menu appears. Once you get the option to create a label it gets confusing again next to it you have a check mark and an ok option. New folder/label creation was not cohesive at all. Can I get an easily accessible add new label button here, please? Needing to check emails and reply quickly to time sensitive content Boxer is inadequate as my daily email client.

For those of you who like choices and enjoy customizing your app experience not wanting to settle for what comes preinstalled with your device give Boxer a try. Business professionals and individuals who have multiple email accounts that have images, documents, and other content heavy emails. Boxers inability to quickly handle the content will mostly like be more of a hindrance than a productive tool for you.

Material Design gave Boxer a new polished look and feel and with version 2.2 it’s more of a legitimate contender. Gmail the big dogs looking down for now are still safe as the leader of the pack. Although if Boxer keeps its core identity giving the user cool customization features and can find a way to speed up the clunky interface we could soon see a changing of the guard.

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If you’re interested in the full Change-log for Boxer you hit the jackpot below:

Boxer V2.2 Change Log

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