Dailyme.tv Did It! German Mobile TV Service Now Available for Google Phones! (PRESS RELEASE)

The new G1 Google Phone turns TV today! After the successful launch of dailyme.tv (www.dailyme.tv) on their devices, users can now watch TV for free, wherever and whenever they want to, on their mobiles. The service offers a choice of more than 600 channels with content provided by networks ranging from German “ProSieben” to N24 to web TV shows such as the cult wine podcast “Bottleplot”. The shows and programs are always up-to-date and will be picked up automatically by the mobile phones. Because of dailyme.tv the G1 is now almost a ‘G3’ – for googling, gaming, goggling!

Berlin, 17 February 2009: Watch your own TV program wherever and whenever you want to! In addition to surfing the internet with ease, users of the new G1 Google Phone in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can now also watch TV on their mobiles anywhere, anytime, because dailyme.tv is now available for the Android operating system. This means that the world’s first mobile TV application for Google Phones comes from Germany, and that the phones can now automatically pick up programs and shows by networks such as ProSieben, N24, Deutsche Welle or MTV.

For Michael Merz, director of dailyme.tv, the Google app is a milestone: “G1 users can already use the internet on their mobile. Now they also get TV and mobile entertainment! No more waiting for the right programs or for network availability. With dailyme.tv, we are turning the G1 into the first real mobile TV phone!” Merz is convinced that dailyme.tv will therefore quickly become a household name in the new Android market: “There will be a demand for dailyme.tv the world over, because it operates independently of network and provider and is compatible with all TV and video formats.” Porting its application for Android, dailyme.tv has boosted its technical availability to more than 11 million end devices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland today.

As an application for more than 250 different mobile phones, dailyme.tv has been meeting user demand for TV and video on mobile phones since early 2008. Moreover, dailyme.tv is also always and everywhere available through WLAN, offering users perfect entertainment in waiting situations, during breaks or on the subway. Users no longer have to rely on a channel to broadcast something they like but can choose their own program – 100 percent.

The website www.dailyme.tv currently offers a choice of more than 600 different TV and video channels from which everyone can compile their custom mobile TV program. The phone will automatically update the program as soon as a data connection becomes available (WLAN, UMTS, Bluetooth, etc.).