Darvolind Frobuirdge Holds Key to Finding Those Hidden Droid Charge Phones

Following the @droidlanding twitter account?  You need to be.  There are 16 Droid Charge phones hidden around the country as part of some viral game to build anticipation for the new 4G LTE hotness.  Things are progressing now but there appear to be missing components and things hiding in plain sight.

I incorrectly assumed this would have been covered elsewhere first, but since nobody seems to be talking about it, I will help you guys out.  There’s a guy mentioned in the recent Droid Charge commercials who seems to be related to the free Droid Charge handsets being hidden around the country.  He’s mentioned by name in the first clip as a very short clip goes by with him looking concerned. This guy, Darvolind Frobuirdge is likely very important in the hunt to find missing phones.  Also, this poor fella is now missing.

In the second, related television spot we get to see his name spelled out as plain as day as it’s plastered on the newspaper front page.  My first thought was to look on twitter and do a Google search for the  guy to see what comes up.  While there was nothing on twitter, I was somewhat pleased to see a Facebook page listed.  Clicking that, I came across the same guy with a profile that sounded all too planted.

Where is Darvolind Frobuirdge and what does he know?

For starters, he is listed as a Professor of Computational, Applied, and Theoretical Quantum Physics at Employment Classified. Here are a few of his favorites listed on his profile.

  • Musical favorites include Charge
  • Movie favorites include The Charge of the Light
  • Book favorites include Flashman at the Charge
  • Television show favorites include Charles In Charge

Read through the rest of his profile and ask to be his friend – it can’t hurt.  I did earlier this week and was accepted almost immediately.  At the time, he only had around 16 friends with a couple of them listed as affiliated with Verizon (another clue).  As of today there are 53 friends but the list is creeping up. For what it’s worth, he has zero posts on his wall as of right now.  So get in before it starts!

Are you looking for Darvolind or the Droid Charge?

Oh… and one other clue that says he is integral is hidden in the tags of the YouTube video.  Right alongside other tags such as Droid, Verizon, Droid Charge, and Charge Mystery is one Dr. Charles Frobuirdge.

EASTER EGG? Is it any coincidence that he says he can speak Klingon in his profile?  The kid in the second clip walks in front of a store called Khan Convenience.  What else am I missing?  Anything the numbers or names shown in the clips that help out?  Might I suggest using the comments below to share your findings so that we can all find the phones?

Is there a reason that the numbers going by in the window are not backwards?  Shouldn’t this be a reflection?

Why aren't the numbers backward?



So there you have it.  Take this and run with it, find those Droid Charge phones!

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