More Details Emerge About Amazon’s Appstore

Amazon LogoThough we still don’t know when it might launch, Amazon is continuing to release information about how its alternative Android market, dubbed the Amazon Appstore, will work. Open to developers since last fall, we learned how pricing will work last month. The newest information is on how apps will be marketed to users.

As you might expect, Amazon will leverage its existing site and automated recommendations to help make users aware of apps they’re selling. This marketing will fall into three categories:

  • Apps in Amazon’s App Store will be returned in search results throughout The Appstore won’t be a silo maintained apart from the rest of Amazon, but more like another category within the site as a whole.
  • Apps will be shown to users contextually as they browse for other items. Going far beyond a “related apps” concept, this too will extend throughout the site, so that if, say, you’re looking at an Android tablet on Amazon, you might see a sidebar of apps commonly purchased by other people who bought that device.
  • Amazon will also maintain a lists of Bestsellers among the paid and free Android apps available in the Appstore.

Additionally, users will be able to purchase apps before they even have a device to install them on. So, as you’re buying that new tablet or phone on Amazon, you’ll be able to buy a bunch of apps to get started at the same time. Presumably, once you have the device, Amazon will have some mechanism to push the apps to you.

Combining the contextual recommendations they’ve honed over the years with the numbers of people that visit Amazon every day will be powerful stuff. Despite their controversial price-setting system, developers likely won’t be able to ignore that Amazon will be able to present their apps to consumers in ways that not even the official Android Market can.

Source: Amazon via All Things D