Dolphin Browser HD V6.0 Released, New Features in Tow

There are quite a few different browser choices on Android, from Opera to Firefox, and Dolphin Browser HD is definitely at the top of that list. It was designed for devices with high resolution screens, to make web content pop to users. Well, the development team behind Dolphin Browser HD has just released an update, and it brings an awesome new feature to the table. They’re calling it Webzine, and it’s actually pretty nice-looking. It’s essentially a thumbnail view of web pages and bookmarks, and users can scroll through the thumbnail as if it was the actual page. And if they want to go to the desired page, a simple tap of the thumbnail is all that’s necessary. Webzine looks to take bookmarks to the next level, and I’m duly impressed.

Of course, version 6.0 brings bug fixes and improvements to gestures and general use of the browser. You can check out an overview of the app in the video below, and if you’re interested, you can download the browser using the box after the break. So, has anyone tried Dolphin Browser HD v6.0 yet? What are your thoughts on Webzine? Drop a comment below or on our Facebook Wall!