Doom Creator Not Planning on Android Anytime Soon

ID software Co-Founder John Carmack says his company will continue to focus on iOS games because they see the Android platform as “not as profitable”. Texas base ID software, the original creators of the “Wolfenstein” and “Doom” games, recently developed “Rage” for iOS last fall.

Margaret Rock of Mobiledia recently had an opportunity to interview John where he had a few things to say about Android.

“Every six months, I’d take a look at the scope of the Android and decide if it was time to start really looking into it, You’re just not making money in the Android space as you are in the iOS space.”

Carmack told Margaret that in a recent informal poll among attendees of a company conference that the it was a 50/50 split among what type of devices people used but that very few of the android users would be willing to pay a $20 price tag for a game made by ID. Carmack has also admitted to hiring an Android platform game developer, but notes that he will probably have said developer working on iOS. Even with Android making the brisk climb to the top of the US sales market, it seems some large game developers are still reluctant to take the leap of faith.

My thought is this, why limit yourself as a company to one mobile platform? Branch out and capture all the markets you can. In the long run, all this has the potential to do is put more money in your pocket. It’s true that Android may be a hard sell for many upper end developers, due to the largely varying device types and internal specs. However, this is specifically why Google has gone through the development of Nexus devices, giving developers a baseline set of specs to develop for. If developers would move forward instead of looking back at old devices not only would this ease their development, but also help move even more handsets forward.

Chime in, leave a comment and let us know where you stand on the issue.

Source Mobiledia


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