Download This! Recordoid Dictaphone

Turn your Android handset into a handy voice recorder with Somyac’s Recordoid Dictaphone.  The free app has been around a while now, racking up over 10,000 downloads out of the Android Market.  One look at the interface and you’ll see that this is one of the most polished apps we’ve seen.  The attention to detail really stands out against other Android applications. 

With Recordoid Dictaphone you can use the microphone in your handset to record voice and:

  • Add notes
  • Send via e-mail
  • Save and view recording location on the map
  • Set as ringtone
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Right now, the only version available in the Android Market is the Lite edition.  Due to restrictions, the full version is only found in Poland’s market.  Although we checked SlideME, Handango, and Mobile2Day, we couldn’t find any difference in the paid version.  So, go grab that free one!

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