Dreaming of an Android Rose

Everytime a handset with Bluetooth is launched, its information gets announced or leaked on Bluetooth SIG. It’s here that we find out minute things like handset manufacturer, geographic launch regions, official names, and code names. Sometimes, you get everything, others, you get next to nothing. Such is the case with the new HTC “ROSE.

What’s known about this one? Other than the name/codename of Rose, we know where it will be available. Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America will all be getting this device, which leads many to speculate that this might be the “Dream” phone or another code name for an Android device.

We’ve got a new model to keep our eyes on so keep checking back with AndroidGuys. As we gather more information, we’ll be happy to pass it along to you faithful readers. If this is your first time stopping by, this would be a good time to subscribe to our feed.

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  1. Some kind of poorly form pun or innuendo by the Marketing Department at HTC? “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet….” So when Consumers give pause when they see Android for the first time, and they are only familiar with Windows Mobile or Symbian, subconsciously, they’ll go “A mobile operating system by any other name would…”

    Or has the new found Helter-Skelter-deleted-comments-OHA-executives-retracting-statements-Android-violating-developer-trust nature of this blog causing me to see things that aren’t there?

  2. I think you might be looking deeper than you need to on this one Todd. Sometimes a code name is just that. You’re really soured on my taking the post down from last week, huh?

  3. @Scott

    Not really “soured”, more like teasing. Kinda like how I am still going at it with Plaxo for that stunt they pulled back in 2005. Here’s me and Plaxo Vice President John McCrea going at it in the comments:


    Anyway, peer pressure aside, I am seeing all sorts of troubling things surrounding Android here, elsewhere, with the developer revolt about the SDK actually being the worst. My expectations for Android are so high. The stakes are so high. I’m fearing that it will all end in tears ( and no phone ).

  4. Google need to fire the PR branch responsible for Android promotion… oh wait… they don’t have one.

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