The Pyramid is no longer a rumored Android phone. HTC took to the stage today in the UK to unveil their latest and greatest handset, the dual-core Sensation 4G for T-Mobile. Featuring a 4.3-inch HD (540×960 resolution) Super LCD touch screen, 768MB RAM, 4GB storage, an 8-megapixel camera (1080p HD video), and HDMI and DLNA output, the Sensation 4G will easily rank among T-Mobile’s best Android smart phones when it arrives this summer.

The Sensation 4G is the first device to come from HTC which features the new HTC Watch video store. Much like Samsung’s Media Hub, it lets users enjoy movies and television shows by renting or buying them directly from the handset. Other notable features in the smart phone include a front-facing VGA camera, an 8GB microSD card, and 1520mAh battery. As far as Android builds go, the Sensation 4G runs 2.3 with the latest release of HTC Sense.  Words are one thing, but moving pictures are something else.  Hit the break to see an official HTC video of the Sensation 4G.

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  1. Last year HTC had the phones with the best specs…this year HTC is announcing weaker phones after their competitor’s announce stronger ones.

    Why can they not put 1 GB of RAM in these? I also want more space than 32 GBs.

    The S2 will allow for 1 GB of RAM and 64 GBs of storage.

    • correct me it I am wrong, I am pretty sure android 2.3 and below can’t utilize more then a half of gig of ram, so it would be a waste to put in 1gb. The Atrix has 1 gb because of the dock software that is run on it.

    • Don’t get hung up on the specs…..Thats a lot of RAM for a phone. That’s more than the Ipad 2, and that performs beautifully. If 768 MB of RAM isn’t more than enough to power this phone, then blame HTC for all that 3D eye candy animation BS they put it in.

  2. FINALLY!!! now I can put my mytouch3g to rest. tmo better not f%#k this up. it felt like an eternity waiting for tmo to get a high end htc android phone with a 4.3 screen and the real htc sense on it and not that espresso bull$#!t.

    • Having owned the MT4G and also helping a family member with their Inspire 4G, I really prefer Espresso (or MySense) to standard Sense. That dock kills me. I want my app drawer in the center, not relegated to a small side button, and that personalize button is useless. I need three different ways of getting to a menu I use only a few times a month? Either way, it should get ADW or LP+ slapped over it immediately.

  3. i think the LG phone is a better buy because of the unknown future state tmobile is in. If this phone like the gx has compatibility with at&t’s 4g signal then this would be worth the long run investment

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