I got the chance to take this portable battery pack from EasyAcc for a test drive this past weekend and working 14 hour days on a film set, without a place to plug in a phone charger, was the perfect environment for putting it through its paces. If you’re looking for the TL;DR, this is absolutely worth picking up.

This model is equipped with a 6400mAh battery and boasts the ability to charge an S5 one and a half times on a single charge. I found the claim to be accurate and got almost two complete charges out of my Galaxy S4. The speed of the charge was comparable to a wall unit. Where this unit really shined was it’s form factor. With dimensions of 4.09×1.77×0.87 inches, it’s shorter and more narrow than most cellphones and only about double the thickness. This means that it fits easily into any coat or pants pocket. The weight of the unit is about on par with an S5, if not a bit lighter (4.66 oz). It feels well-made and has a very comfortable finish. I didn’t drop my review unit but everything about the construction leads me to believe this thing could take a real beating and keep chugging right along. The blue ring battery indicator works alright but would be easier to read as a numbered percentage. The built-in flashlight, however, leaves quite a bit to be desired and I can’t imagine a situation in which you wouldn’t just use your phone’s far superior flashlight app but it’s a fine perk to have. Its USB port accommodates almost every device on the market. I even charged my Playstation 4 controller, for the lulz, and it worked swimmingly.

If you’re looking for a flashlight, you’ll want to keep shopping but if you’re in the market for an excellent source of power, EasyAcc Gen2 6400mAh is a dynamite choice. If you can find a better solution for under $20, let me know because I haven’t. I’ll be keeping mine and using it regularly for, hopefully, years to come.

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