Enabling the Ecosystem: voeveo, Part One

Enabling the Ecosystem is a series of interviews with those people and firms that are helping to build the overall Android ecosystem. Our first interview was with Al Sutton of AndAppStore, an Android Market alternative emphasizing free applications.

Our next interview is with Annabel Youens, Community Director of voeveo, a multi-platform mobile content marketplace:

AG: What’s voeveo’s Android story? Are you accepting Android applications and content now?

AY: We launched voeveo.com about two years ago because we couldn’t find a marketplace that offered original mobile content by independent designers and developers. Really, we were inspired by our colleagues and friends who were working in the digital space and wanted to get into the mobile market. So built voeveo.com as a marketplace where developers, bands, designers – really for anyone creative who wants to tap into the global mobile market. And now that Android is out we have extended our platform to handle any app or content built to run on the Android platform. Yep – our system is all ready to distribute any Android content – come on down :) http://www.voeveo.com/phones/android

AG: What distinguishes Voeveo from the other Android marketplaces out there, like Android Market, AndAppStore, Handango, and SlideME?

AY: Well, we’ve been around for over two years, so our platform is incredibly stable and we’ve got over 10,000 community members who love mobile content. We’ve built a marketplace with community forums where buyers and sellers can talk to one another.

It’s free to sign up as a seller, you can upload up to 200 items and you get 70% of each sale.

Our uploading system is very streamlined and easy to use; in fact we’ve got sellers who believe voeveo has the easiest uploading system on the market.

We’re offering free money to every member who joins voeveo at the moment. It’s a great promotion that our sellers are using to get new buyers to try out their mobile content for free – and our sellers still get their 70% of each sale :)

We work with our sellers to constantly improve voeveo’s services and tools. Gathering feedback and implementing new changes regularly is certainly one of the ways I believe voeveo stands out from the other platforms. Ultimately, we built voeveo to provide developers and sellers with the tools they need to run their business, how they want. We give developers total control over how and where they want to sell.

Plus, we’re a very friendly team who love meeting new sellers. Meet Us: http://www.voeveo.com/aboutus#team

AG: Will Android users get Voeveo content and applications through a dedicated app (like Android Market), through a Web site accessed on the phone (like AndAppStore), or by some other means?

AY: Any seller on voeveo has their products listed on our web-based marketplace. Plus our mobile extension of the voeveo site is in beta, right now. Go to m.voeveo.com on your phone to see how you can browse and purchase content from our developers. We’d love to get your feedback on the experience.

As well as these sites we also offer our sellers buttons and tools to link directly from their own website to market and sell their content. We even have out “seller checkout widget” in Beta. To see a good example of this feature check out our friends Moket: http://clubmoket.com

Tomorrow: Part Two of the voeveo interview!

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  1. The obsession to take 30% is pretty annoying. I think developers should be able to keep 90%. Just put up some googleads for bandwidth and hosting costs.

    Maybe the competition between markets will eventually lead to bigger stores with better conditions.

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