enTourage eDGe’s Android-Powered Education

Debuting at CES this week was a device that takes Android to the next level. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen developments in Android that show how Android could be powering everything in our lives one day. With The enTourage eDGe Dualbook(TM) from enTourage Systems our education can now be powered via Android. Forget your netbooks, your laptops, and even your tablets. 

How mind-blowing is it to think that one day every student in a class could walk in, sit down at their desk and open a “dualbook”. Think back/think now of how much you are spending on physical textbooks… think of all times you’ve shared notes with friends and had to lend them your notebook when you could’ve shared them instantly and digitally over the web… What if you could highlight a phrase of text in your book and instantly search it on the internet. I wish I could throw more of these ideas at you but I know I’ve excited you already!

Partnering with enTourage on this is McGraw-Hill Education who you’ve most likely heard of if you’ve ever set foot in a book store. McGraw-Hill has already started making over 100 of it’s titles available digitally for the eDGe Dualbook(TM). With education already turning to technological alternatives to current methods it is very possible that in the future you could be buying all of your textbooks digitally from your eBook Reader or “Dualbook”.

In regards to how it takes advantage of the Android operating system, you will see many of the same apps you are currently using on your Android devices available on the eDGe. Although you will not be able to access Google Market directly, the device can download apps from any other 3rd party stores available on the internet. The device also includes the extremely comforting feature of backing up all of your documents to enTourage Systems servers if for whatever reason you may lose your data. No longer will you be able to say to your professor, “My computer crashed and deleted EVERYTHING!”

The enTourage eDGe Dualbook(TM) will ship in Febrauary of this year(2010). What do you think chances are of you jumping on this new type of gadget?


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