Epic App Battles of Android

The dust has settled and our second round of Epic App Battles of Android has concluded. There were some winners and there were some losers and after the dust settled, there were only two left. Here is a summary of the battles.

1st Battle: Google Play Music vs. Tidal

Epic App Battles Google Play vs Tidal

Final Score Score /10
Google Play Music 25.0
Tidal 24.6


This was a pretty close battle. Google won the app design category hands down for their easy to use interface and ease of finding something to listen to.

Both Google and Tidal came to the table with some pretty strong features. Google’s slightly larger music catalog, explicit search filter, and 50,000 song uploads on the free tier slightly edged out Tidal’s HiFi music streaming.

Tidal won in the pricing category, because while Google offers a free tier, Tidal has discounts.

In the end, Google wins this Epic App Battles of Android and advances to the next round.

Read the entire battle here.

2nd Battle: Spotify vs. Slacker

Epic App Battles Spotify vs Slacker

Final Score Score /10
Spotify 25.5
Slacker 27.0


As much as it pains me to report this, down goes Spotify. The battle boiled down to the design differences. The Slacker team designed a drop-dead gorgeous application that is appealing, easy to use, and the menu transitions make navigation captivating. Spotify is still an amazing and well designed app with an abundant music selection but ultimately wasn’t as good as Slacker.  Slacker wins a close one.

Read the entire battle here.

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What do you think? Do you agree with our picks? Who do you think will win the last battle? Let us know in the comments.

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