Have you mastered Bejeweled? Beaten 2048 more times than you can count? Are you looking for a new game to challenge you mind? Then, Eptatron is the game for you. The premise of Eptatron is simple: You are given an empty 7×7 grid and are tasked to get rid of numbered blocks by adding them to rows or columns with the correct number of blocks. So if you are giving a block with the number 4 on it, add it to a row or column to make 4 blocks. Sounds easy. But that all changes when rows of hidden block start appearing from the bottom of the grid and you are given locked blocks instead of numbered ones. It requires much more of a strategy than it looks like.


When you start the game, you are presented with a very simple set of instructions. They explain the basics of the game, but they only show up once and I could not find another way to bring them up. Also, the instructions do not tell you about bombs, locked blocks, or even how to lose. I had to figure out all of this while I was playing. There should be a more detailed set of instructions at the beginning that should also be accessible from an in-game menu. This is the biggest complaint that I have about this game. I still do not know exactly how I lose. It has something to do with reaching the top of the grid, but it does not happen at the same that you touch the top. Also, I do not know when rows of locked blocks will appear at the bottom of the grid. However, this game is still extremely fun and addicting to play even if you have to figure some stuff out as you go along.


Eptatron is gorgeous to look at and fun to play. It can be somewhat confusing since the instructions are incomplete at best, but that should not deter you from giving this game a try. For a free game that offers a fantastic mental challenge and strategy, you would be hard pressed to find one more enjoyable than Eptatron.

What I liked:

  • Simple game idea
  • challenging game play
  • Appealing graphics
  • Addicting

What I did not like:

  • Incomplete instructions

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  1. You got right above 10 moves. This counts to zero. When it is zero, the next line of locked boxes appear.. You lose when your whole grid is full or when you have one kolom of seven and the moves are to zero and the next line of locked boxes will appear.. our record is 3425… :) tips: always destroy the one with a bomb, always delete the one inmeadiadly and place every number with a reason! Have fun!

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