eBooks are a fantastic development in the publishing industry. They’re easier to publish, cheaper for customers, and literally thousands of them can be packed into one device, meaning you’ll never be without a book to hand ever again. Perfect for long lines at the grocery store or in the doctor’s waiting room.

While dedicated eReader devices have their perks, reading books on your Android phone or tablet really is the way to go. Here are the top reasons why you should download an eReader app from
your preferred eBook provider and start reading on your existing devices today.

Your Phone Is Always with You

When you’re leaving the house, there’s enough to keep track of before you walk through the door. Do you have your keys? Your headphones? Your phone? If you’re a book lover, it’s a hassle to try and find your eReader as well before you go out, never mind making sure that it’s charged. Using an eReader app means that your books are already loaded into your Android device, so that’s one less thing to worry about, and one less item to carry with you.

Apps Are Easy to Find and Download

To add an eReader app to your phone, all you have to do is go to Google Play and search for your preferred provider. The best thing is that most reading apps are free, so the choices are almost endless. For example, a top book reading app for Android from NOOK, is free to install, and can be on your phone in a matter of minutes. All you have to do then is find a title you like the look of, and you’ll be reading before you know it.

You Can Sync Books Across Multiple Devices

If you have a few Android devices, one of the great things about eReader apps is that you can sync your books and progress across all of them. As Information Age points out, if your battery dies on one device, or you started reading one device but you’re out and about with another, it’s not a problem at all. Thanks to the cloud, you can simply pull out the other device and carry on from exactly where you left off.

Tablets Are Great for Students

If you’re currently studying, buying your textbooks as eBooks rather than physical books can be an awful lot easier on your already stretched finances. Also, think about just how much lighter your bag will be without all that paper weighing it down. Finally, you can happily write notes and highlight sections of the text without devaluing your book in any way. Your librarian will be happy and you can study without having to hunt out all of your stationery first, making your academic life a lot easier.

You Can Customize to Your Heart’s Content

As a form of media, a print book is pretty final. You can’t make any adjustments to the text itself to make it easier to read. However, it’s a different story with eBooks. The RNIB points out that you can adjust books on Android to have a bigger typeface, differently sized margins, or a different background color for ease of reading. If you need specific conditions in order to read a text, an eReader app could make life a lot easier for you.

There’s a Huge Range of Free Books

If you’ve been meaning to finally start reading the classic novels on your reading list, now you have no excuse whatsoever. There’s a huge range of public domain classic novels available on nearly all eReader apps, so if you’ve always wanted to read the works of Charles Dickens or Charlotte Bronte, you can download them all for nothing, and enjoy them at your leisure.

Internet Access Enhances the Reading Experience

Lifehacker lists several ways that your device’s Internet access capabilities can make your reading experience so much better. For example, Google Translate can translate your text into almost any language you can think of, and you can search for older, scanned books using Google Play. You can also keep track of characters in complicated, multi character books with the search function on your phone.

It’s Not All about Books

Even if you’re not reading, an eReader app can be a fantastic media app. As well as books, many offer magazine subscriptions, video services showing TV shows and movies, and audiobooks to listen to on your morning commute. It’s all contained within one app, so you have a lot of entertainment contained on your phone, with room still left over for Candy Crush Saga.

Using an eReader app on your Android device isn’t just an alternative way of reading books, but actually an improved, personalized way of doing so. Download an app today and see how it works for you, and you’ll soon be hooked.

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